Applying a health equity lens to environmental issue: Lessons for community health planning and facility sustainability strategies

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ACHI AHA Community Health Improvement
ACHI AHA Community Health Improvement
December 2021
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Addressing the differential impact of environmental factors – including climate – on some individuals and communities is increasingly being recognized as a health equity issue. As hospitals and health systems become more intentional in their development and implementation of integrated strategies to advance health equity, how do existing sustainability strategies evolve to apply an equity lens? And how are health systems recognizing and addressing issues of climate impact in their community health assessment and improvement planning?

This interactive conversation will feature Dr. Jeff Thompson, chief executive officer emeritus at Gundersen Health System, speaking about the disparate health impacts of environmental issues and the role of hospitals to promote healthy environments for the communities they serve. Participants will then join breakout rooms to hear from panelists about leading practices that hospitals and health systems can integrate into their existing community health and sustainability strategies, such as reducing waste, preparing for natural disasters, and increasing energy efficiency.

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