For everyone to have the ability to live the healthiest life possible, actionable solutions are critical. 

Learn more about how the P4HE Collaborative promotes research and learning through active collaboration across sectors and community organizations.

Our Story
Partners for Advancing Health Equity (P4HE Collaborative) is a research learning collaborative that facilitates the sharing of ideas to harmonize the goals of people and organizations, to advance solutions to achieve health equity. The P4HE Collaborative is led by the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and is part of the Tulane Institute for Health Equity. Support for this program is provided by ICF. Funding is provided by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Our Mission
Partners for Advancing Health Equity promotes innovation in health equity by facilitating active collaboration between people and organizations to inform and harmonize research to advance actionable and sustainable solutions.

P4HE Collaborative in Action

“The P4HE Collaborative is an exciting opportunity to work collectively at a national level, across all sectors, utilizing multiple opportunities designed to foster collaboration, and supported by an extensive learning hub with health equity resources in one place. “ 

- Dr. Dean LaVeist, PhD, Principal Investigator


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Partners for Advancing Health Equity is led by Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine with support provided by ICF.  It is funded by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is committed to improving health and health equity in the United States. In partnership with others, we are committed to taking bold leaps to transform health in our lifetime and paving the way together to a future where health is no longer a privilege but a right. To achieve that vision, we are deepening our focus on dismantling one of the biggest barriers to health in America, structural racism. For more information, visit www.rwjf.org.

As stewards of the first school of public health in the United States, we cultivate independent thinkers, innovative leaders, fierce advocates, and accomplished scholars. From the neighborhoods of New Orleans to communities worldwide, we conduct research and collaborate with our partners to ensure that all of humanity has an equitable opportunity to be healthy and pursue optimal well-being.

At ICF, we provide strategic consulting for a digital world. We combine expertise with cutting-edge engagement capabilities to help clients solve their most complex challenges, navigate change, and shape the future. We make big things possible, translating research to practice, elevating underrepresented voices, and building a more prosperous and resilient world for all.

Our Team


Administration, Research, and Outreach

Omar Dauhajre, MS

Administrative Director

Kristefer Stojanovski, PhD, MPH

Research Director

Tiffany Scuderi, BAJ

Communications and Marketing Manager

Reanna Durbin-Matrone, MPA

Research Coordinator

Mikala Nellum, BSPH

Administrative and Outreach Coordinator

Greta Cappelmann, MPH

Special Projects Administrator



Thomas LaVeist, PhD

Principal Investigator

David Chae, ScD, MA


Katherine P. Theall, PhD


Andrew Anderson, PhD

Associate Director

Caryn Bell, PhD

Associate Director