Anti-racism and health equity

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Evans Davis, Sheryl
Griffith, Derek
Pernell, Chris
Partners for Advancing Health Equity
April 2024
Abstract / Description

This webinar brings together voices from different sectors to share their insights on the effects of anti-Blackness on anti-racism in the advancement of health equity for Black communities. Speakers discuss ways that organizations across sectors can collaborate to develop, implement, or champion anti-racist health policies and practices that will improve health outcomes for historically disadvantaged populations.  

Webinar Objectives:  

  • Discuss the history of racism and anti-Blackness as it relates to the health of Black communities.   
  • Outline key action steps for cross-sector partnerships to promote anti-racism within healthcare and health organizations, policymaking, and more.  
  • Empower participants to learn anti-racist advocacy and activism for the advancement of health equity.  
  • Highlight key implementation strategies needed to foster inclusive, equitable healthcare systems and to improve health outcomes for all individuals, regardless of race or ethnicity.


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