Blending research and advocacy, Yale’s Housing and Health Equity Lab tackles homelessness through a scientific lens

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Salmon, Fareed
Geleta, Abel
Yale Daily News
January 2024
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Danya Keene and her team are on a mission to improve health care for unhoused people. Based out of the Yale School of Public Health, the Housing and Health Equity Lab has explored the effects of housing disparities and homelessness on people’s health since its founding in 2020. Her team aims to get a deeper understanding of how access to housing affects health outcomes and develops solutions to address the health issues arising from inadequate housing access. Since then, the lab has used a combination of data analysis and interviews with community members to develop evidence-based solutions that increase housing access and equity. Keene, an associate professor for public health, noted that her lab also hopes to improve collaboration between researchers while creating a training ground for students interested in the social determinants of health. “Our mission is to conduct research that is actionable towards the goal of advancing housing and health justice,” Keene wrote in an email to the News. (author introduction) #P4HEwebinarFebruary2024

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