The evaluation of equity-focused community coalitions: A review of the empirical literature

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Chouinard, Jill Anne
Tovey, Tiffany L.S.
Kidd, Kristin
Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation
September 2023
Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation
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Background: In this paper, we review and synthesize the current empirical literature on equity-focused community coalitions and evaluation and/or research to explore the approaches and methodologies being used to evaluate the work of community coalitions focused on equity in public health contexts.
Purpose: To explore the approaches and methodologies that are used to evaluate the work of community coalitions that are engaged in equity-focused initiatives in public health to better understand others’ methodological experiences, challenges, barriers, and successes.
Setting: North America
Intervention: Not applicable
Research Design: Literature review of empirical studies of evaluation and/or research involving community coalitions and health equity.
Data Collection and Analysis: Not applicable
Findings: We identify seven themes that together highlight the unique characteristics of equity and evaluation in community coalition work: (1) framing equity in the evaluation process, (2) inclusion of a theoretical framework, (3) use of systems-focused approaches, (4) strategic use of intersectoral partnerships and collaborations, (5) intentional communication and building trusting relationships, (6) challenges dedicating purposeful time to the work, and (7) issues of cultural and contextual clarity and responsiveness. (author abstract) #P4HEwebinarOctober2023

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