Health equity among black women in the United States

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Chinn, Juanita J.
Martin, Iman K.
Redmond, Nicole
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
February 2021
Journal of Women's Health
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Black women in the United States have experienced substantial improvements in health during the last century, yet health disparities persist. These health disparities are in large part a reflection of the inequalities experienced by Black women on a host of social and economic measures. In this paper, we examine the structural contributors to social and economic conditions that create the landscape for persistent health inequities among Black women. Demographic measures related to the health status and health (in)equity of Black women are reviewed. Current rates of specific physical and mental health outcomes are examined in more depth, including maternal mortality and chronic conditions associated with maternal morbidity. We conclude by highlighting the necessity of social and economic equity among Black women for health equity to be achieved. (author abstract)


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