Injury and violence prevention network (IVPN) equity convening summary

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Safe States Alliance
Safe States Alliance
December 2021
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Safe States Alliance hosted the IVPN Equity Convening (Equity Convening) to mobilize its Injury and Violence Prevention Network (IVPN) members and supporting colleagues to identify opportunities for the injury and violence prevention (IVP) field to collectively realize a vision for addressing inequities through partnership and policy activities. The convening goals were to:

  • Establish a mutual intention for exploring the possibilities of addressing racial and health inequities in the IVP field.
  • Identify where the intersections exist that connect our daily IVP work to equity and justice approaches.
  • Analyze successes, challenges, and barriers to addressing inequities in our IVP activities.
  • Develop a shared vision of opportunities, actions, and responsibilities to address equity in our IVP partnership and policy strategies. (website abstract)
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