Maintaining momentum to advance health equity in adverse environments

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Ohene-Ntow, Abena
Sterling, Jahira
Chapman, Jamye
Patel, Shilpa
Crawford, Dane E.
Center for Health Care Strategies
November 2023
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Takeaways: Longstanding systemic and institutional policies and practices make leading health equity work 
a challenge in most communities. Organizational structures, where hierarchical and power dynamics are often at play, may make it difficult to have transparent and effective conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). 

  • Over the last several years, state lawmakers and governors in a number of states have introduced legislation and official correspondence that may limit health equity work, including restrictions on the ability of state-funded institutions to support DEI practices and initiatives.
  • Despite these barriers, many health care leaders – in state agencies, health plans, health systems, and community-based organizations (CBOs) – continue their commitment and work to advance health equity.
  • This brief outlines five key strategies that state policymakers and health equity champions can use to advance health equity planning and implementation efforts, maintain momentum, and still attend to their own wellness in the face of adversity. (author introduction) 


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