National Women's Health Network's 2024 Policy Agenda

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National Women's Health Network
National Women's Health Network
January 2024
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Women comprise more than half of the United States population, and yet women are less 
likely to have insurance and more likely to experience adverse health outcomes. The National Women's Health Network is a 501c3 not for profit that represents the health interests of these women across the life continuum. We maintain an intersectional focus on sexual and reproductive health, maternal health and the health and well-being of aging women. We work to improve women’s health outcomes through state and federal advocacy, consumer health education, and grassroots technical assistance initiatives. Since our founding in 1975, we have empowered millions of women nationwide to access high quality health care. To represent the full spectrum of women's health interests, the National Women's Health Network has shaped our policy work around 12 distinct policy pillars. These pillars are informed by the science and the lived experiences of health care consumers. (author description) #P4HEwebinarFebruary2024

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