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Partners for Advancing Health Equity
Partners for Advancing Health Equity
January 2024
Partners for Advancing Health Equity Blog Series
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In 2023, Partners for Advancing Health Equity (P4HE Collaborative) has collected questions asked by participants in our learning engagements. This blog answers your questions about the P4HE Collaborative.

How can I learn more about the P4HE Collaborative’s work?
There are many ways to learn more about the P4HE collaborative’s work and the people behind it.

In what ways can I get more involved with the Collaborative?
There are several ways you can get involved with the Collaborative! One way is by attending webinars and workshops which include participatory features (live discussions and polls). Learnings from those discussions shape our resources and guide future programming. In addition to attending P4HE Collaborative hosted events and learning engagements, you can recommend resources and topics for our library and become a member.

What is a P4HE Collaborative member? How do I become a member? 
A P4HE Collaborative member shares a commitment to the mission and vision of the Partners for Advancing Health Equity Collaborative and wants to contribute to the work. A member supports the mission of the P4HE Collaborative by sharing ideas, participating in dialogue, sharing events and resources, serving on committees, and sharing the work of the P4HE Collaborative with their networks. 

  • P4HE Collaborative membership is free! To become for membership or to refer a colleague, please fill out the member application form.

What is a P4HE Collaborative Organizational Partner?
In addition to individual membership, the P4HE Collaborative offers organizational partnerships. More information on becoming a partner can be found here or by reaching out via email.

What kind of events and learning engagements does the P4HE Collaborative host?
The P4HE Collaborative hosts webinars, workshops, collaborative events, and summits that are open to both members and non-members.  

  • Webinars. A panel discussion on topics related to advancing health equity and opportunities for Q&A with panelists. Webinars are typically hosted at 1:00 CST on the third Tuesday of the month. View materials from our webinar on philanthropy and health equity here!
  •  Workshop Series. Three-part active learning opportunities led by subject matter experts. Each workshop series covers one topic in-depth over a one-month period (one workshop each week). Workshop sessions are typically held at 12:00 CST. Workshops are held on each Wednesday in February, May, August, and November. View materials from our first ever workshop series below:
  • Summit. The 2022 summit was hosted in a hybrid format with the in-person components taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana. Resources and recordings from the summit can be found here.

What’s next for the Collaborative?
The P4HE Collaborative has recently published our annual Year in Review blog for 2023, which overviews the events we hosted, provides links to related resources. If you are interested in how things have progressed, you can learn more about the P4HE Collaborative in 2022 here. The Year in Review includes a section on what is next for P4HE - previewing upcoming events and the Collaborative’s focus for 2024. 

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