Physicians’ knowledge, beliefs, and use of race and human genetic variation: New measures and insights

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Bonham, Vence L.
Sellers, Sherrill L.
Woolford, Sam
BioMed Central Ltd
October 2014
BMC Health Services Research
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Understanding physician perspectives on the intersection of race and genomics in clinical decision making is critical as personalized medicine and genomics become more integrated in health care services. There is a paucity of literature in the United States of America (USA) and globally regarding how health care providers understand and use information about race, ethnicity and genetic variation in their clinical decision making. This paper describes the development of three scales related to addressing this gap in the literature: the Bonham and Sellers Genetic Variation Knowledge Assessment Index--GKAI, Health Professionals Beliefs about Race—HPBR, and Racial Attributes in Clinical Evaluation—RACE scales. (abbreviated author abstract)


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