Why public health leadership is a corporate and community mission

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Garfield, Susan
April 2022
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In recent years, companies have reevaluated their corporate imperatives toward diversity, equity and inclusion and pushed themselves to tackle complex public health challenges. Corporate health, well-being, and DEI leadership roles have taken shape at the executive level of companies across sectors. Titles like Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer, Chief Public Health Officer, and Chief Medical Officer are born from corporations attempting to increase their ethical impact and alignment to purpose.

To discuss implications, executives from six organizations convened January 20 for a roundtable discussion about their priorities, opportunities, and hurdles to achieving their objectives. EY Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Susan Garfield led the discussion. In kicking off the discussion, she noted, “although some companies implemented public health and health equity roles years ago, the pandemic and recent calls for social justice have shone a brighter light on the needs within and across communities, and the increasing role corporations across sectors can have in making a difference.” (author introduction) 



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